All You Need To Know About Opt-In Offers That Convert


0:24 – Creating a high converting opt-in offer
1:05 – 3 Top headline formulas for your opt-in offer
2:27 – What are the high perceived value items you can give for free?
3:38 – Creating the best CTA with these 4 tips
6:04 – Having different opt-in offers

Hi, Fiona Soutter here from Super Savvy Business bringing you this week’s Word of the Week from the beach – I’m down at the Balmoral Beach here in Mosman in Sydney and it’s a glorious day, it’s school holiday season, my children are out playing in the water having an absolute ball so I thought I’d get to and bring you the news for this week.

0:24 – Creating a highly converting opt-in offer

One of the things that I often stress with my clients in the Savvy Mastermind program is the importance of ensuring that your website has a really solid way of building your database. And this is usually done (and best done) through what we call ‘opt-in offer’ where you have something of high-perceived value that you offer to people who come to your website in return for giving you some of their personal details (whether that be just an e-mail address, or perhaps a little bit more such as name or perhaps even contact details).

So let’s drill down into this and have a look at the sorts of things you need to consider when you are looking at creating a high converting opt-in offer.

1:05 – 3 Top headline formulas for your opt-in offer

Now the first thing that I really recommend that you look at is the headline of the thing that you are giving away. There are a couple of different formulas that you can use that really do show through tests with lots of internet marketers as to what can really work:

1. The first formula is when you have a lie (‘X lies about something common’) – so you are revealing the lie about something. What I’m actually going to do is put some examples of these formulas can work on the page below this video so make sure you go down and check those out.

2. The other formula that can work very well is to get a desired action or desired result in a desired period of time. So for example ‘Lose 5 kilos in 2 weeks’ might be an example.

3. The other formula that can work really well is when there is some type of threat with the promise of a solution. So for example you might have something about ‘Holiday Pitfalls & Perils: How to Avoid X, Y and Z’ – I’ll put some examples on the page on my blog so have a look at those and get some ideas.

But it’s really important that your headline is going to capture the attention of the people who come to your website and going to give them something that they want something that they really, really want.

Killer Headline Examples To Use In Your Opt-In Offers (Formulas That Convince & Convert)

2:27 – What are the high perceived value items you can give for free?

So the next question is ‘What is this THING that you are giving away?’. There are certain things that are more valued or have a higher perceived value than others as far as having a strong call to action.

The sorts of things that can do really well are:

1. E-books
2. Guides
3. Presentations, Whitepapers
4. You might want to go down the path of having some Live Webinars or some Pre-recorded Video that offers good quality education and training.
5. I’ve also seen things like if you create a ‘Consumer’s Guide To [Something]’ – that can have a high perceived value. You might even use the country; for example: ‘The Australian Consumer’s Guide to [whatever it is that you want to offer a solution to]’
6. It can be Cheatsheets
7. It can be Checklists

Really think about what sorts of problem your website visitors are wanting to have solved and then create a free giveaway around that; something that is actually going to solve that problem for them.

You can, of course, collect name and e-mail addresses through having a call to action just even at the bottom of your blog for instance. But generally speaking, the sorts of things that do well are the things that I mentioned at the beginning.

3:38 – Creating the best CTA with these 4 tips

Opt In OffersThe final thing that I’d really like to touch on is to make sure that you have a very clear call to action. This can be achieved in few different ways:

1. For example, make sure that your call to action is above the fold, meaning that it is above the area of your website where you actually need to scroll. Some of the good places to have a call to action is in the actual header of your website and the top right hand corner is also a really good place. You can even consider putting it in both places.

So for instance you can have a horizontal version in the header and then you can have a vertical version on the right hand side. It’s up to you; you can test and measure what works best – whether to have just one or two – but having it above the fold is really important.

2. The other thing to think about especially with your button which people click when they are submitting their details is to make it very clear as to what they are giving you their details for. Rather than just ‘Download Now!’ or ‘Click Here!’ it’s a really good idea to try putting down ‘Download Your Free Consumer Report Here!’. Tell them exactly what it is they are about to download or get access to. Another example might be ‘Get Access to the Free Webinar Now!’.

Just have a think about the wording, because wording really is SO important.

3. You might also like to think about testing and measuring the colour of your ‘Submit’ button. Some people say that having a green button has the feeling of ‘Go’ and ‘Proceed’ rather than having a red or an orange button. Other people, for instance, however, think that having a red and orange button stands out and gets people’s attention. You really aren’t going to know what works best on your site until you test and measure.

4. So this is the sort of thing that you can do split testing on. Split testing is something that we talk about in the Savvy Mastermind program where we look at having different versions of your website and your landing pages and testing to see which ones are going to get you the highest conversions.

Now if you are sending people from an external site to your website in order to get them to opt in then it’s a really good idea to have them sent to a dedicated landing page for your offer rather than just your homepage. You are likely to get higher conversion rates if you do that.

6:04 – Having different opt-in offers

And lastly, what I’d like to touch on is to consider maybe having different opt-in offers depending on the types of people that you have coming to your website or the types of products or services you have.

You might find that one opt-in offer is really not going to suffice. You might have for instance consumers coming to your website and you might have other businesses coming to your website.

So depending on what page different types of people end up on you might have a different opt-in offer that is relative to them. Think about too if you have different products or services using the right-hand column to give them the option of opting in to something that is relevant to the page they are currently on.

You might find that this is going to increase the conversion rate if you try this out.

Here are just a few ideas for you for this week’s Word of the Week from Super Savvy Business. It’s really important (especially if you are spending time and money and energy in sending traffic to your website) that you really do optimize it to get the best results as far as conversions and as far as building your database.

My name is Fiona Soutter and I’m here at Balmoral Beach giving you the Word of the Week – the first one of 2013 – and I now look forward to sharing more business tips and news with you throughout the next 12 months.