#ContentMarketingChallenge: Technology-related challenges


Marieta has no idea how to use Photoshop or Adobe InDesign. Nor does she know how to work with CSS, HTML and the like. Yet, within Super Savvy Business, she is appointed as a project manager, digital marketing expert and copywriter. Yes, she juggles many hats. She’s a good project manager without knowing how toContinue Reading

Finish The Phrase: Digital Marketing Is Like…


If chairs are like Facebook, what is digital marketing like? I pondered over this question one day as I was doing a research for one of my Digital Marketing Concierge clients. I find it funny that a brand as big as Facebook compared itself to something as mundane as a chair. But maybe that’s whereContinue Reading

Ana Pascu: “On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog”


Ana Pascu-Bungau Position within Super Savvy Business: Copywriter & Account Manager Ana’s story about how she joined Super Savvy Business is definitely a conversation opener. It all started at a Christmas dinner (after a few glasses of wine, of course!) and ended up with throwing Ana in the ocean of digital marketing and business management,Continue Reading

Content Marketing Challenge: Overcoming an increasing competition


In 2016, 81% of Australian businesses are implementing some sort of digital marketing strategies. (true story) Even though that is a decrease from last year’s statistics, it still means the majority of your competitors are online and implementing digital marketing strategies. And that’s by far an overwhelming number.   The main goal of content marketingContinue Reading