Ana Pascu: “On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog”


Ana Pascu-Bungau Position within Super Savvy Business: Copywriter & Account Manager Ana’s story about how she joined Super Savvy Business is definitely a conversation opener. It all started at a Christmas dinner (after a few glasses of wine, of course!) and ended up with throwing Ana in the ocean of digital marketing and business management,Continue Reading

Content Marketing Challenge: Overcoming an increasing competition


In 2016, 81% of Australian businesses are implementing some sort of digital marketing strategies. (true story) Even though that is a decrease from last year’s statistics, it still means the majority of your competitors are online and implementing digital marketing strategies. And that’s by far an overwhelming number. The main goal of content marketing isContinue Reading

EGC Is The Key Content Marketing Trend Of 2016


I could start writing this article with a bombardment of statistics to prove my point, so you can crunch on numbers all you want. But just take my word for it: Australian digital marketers are running out of ideas for content. (if you really want to see the numbers, just scroll down to the endContinue Reading

Marieta Murg: “My job was never going to be a 9-5. So I placed the best bid of my life with Super Savvy Business” (Meet The Team)


Marieta Murg Position within Super Savvy Business: Project Manager, Copywriter, Social Media Strategist At the time Marieta came to work with Fiona in 2011, she was studying foreign languages. Her specialties were English and French literature and grammar. She tells us that if she hadn’t become a freelancer, she would probably be an English-French teacherContinue Reading

The Pros and Cons of Online Marketing – Is It Really Worth It?


Looking at the past few years alone, there has been a consistent increase in results and revenues generated by online marketing, as opposed to traditional marketing channels. According to, companies that blog receive 97% more links to their website while B2B blog marketers manage to obtain 67% more leads. Still, small to medium sizeContinue Reading

10 Ways To Improve Engagement With Social Media Content


Have you found yourself in the position of not knowing how to make your followers engage with your posts? Sometimes the best ideas are simple and catchy! As big brands (and not only!) proved it time and time again, sometimes simple content is the best idea. So use these 10 simple content ideas in yourContinue Reading